Bra vs Bralette – Which Should I Wear? Ditch the Bra, Try the Bralette!


Bra Vs Bralette

Going bra-shopping can really be an exhausting, demoralizing experience for many women out there! (Recall: advertisements of push-ups with endless body curves vs reality when the underwire and the padding just don’t fit). It’s just got a little more complicated now that we have bralettes to consider!

Fret not ladies, we’ve got you covered – it’s time to Ditch the Bra, Try the Bralette! (Read: A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups. They have thin or lacy straps and provide a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women)

Bralettes are like your childhood BFF! Naturally close, funny and always trusty. There’s no lying, no cheating but unpretentious careless charm. They’re sexy, light, delicate, and feminine — and give you that ‘no fuss’ look you want. Plus, they come in lace, cotton, solid color or wild prints!

And now.. you have all the simplest reasons to just go with the BFF!

If you’re on the hunt for a bralette, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks for you, no matter what size your lovely ladies are.

Did we say that our bralettes come with removable padding? Bingo, you can wear it padded or not (for those feeling adventurous).

Check out our bralette collection here!

1. Anastasia Black And Nude Lace Bralette


2. Bianca Nude And Purple Lace Bralette


3. Naomi Grey Lace Bralette


4. Adrianna Nude and Black Lace Bralette


5. Vera Black And Nude Lace Bralette


6. Heidi Sweet Pink Nude Lace Bralette


It’s really all about locating what feels good to you. Plus, who the heck cares if that gorgeous lacy thing you buy has the actual term “bralette” on the tag or not? I hope we’ve put the bra versus bralette discussion to rest! You can always get both!



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