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Rattan Basket Bag (Small)


Rattan Basket Bag – Australia, Singapore, United States and more

Whether you are living in sunny Singapore or planning your next holiday to Paris, New York, London or Australia, we’ve got you need – the stylish rattan basket bag for all your daily essentials. This right-sized rattan basket handbag is a wardrobe staple for your next sunday brunch, pool party or picnic in the park.

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Inspired by all things eco-friendly and artisanal, our handcrafted rattan basket weave bags are a celebration of the skills and tradition of local artisans fused with a twist of modernity. Our rattan bags feature intricate weave designs that make our rattan handbags a form of wearable art. If you are into all things rattan and straw, you’ll love this rattan crossbody bag that is constructed from natural fibres and lined with cotton, making it environmentally friendly.  Tips: We say pair this stylish rattan basket bag with our lace bralettes and leather loafers to complete the look.

Best Rattan Basket Bag for Summer

  • Colour: Rattan Brown
  • Measurements:
    • Rattan Basket Bag (Small) – 22CM x 10CM x 11CM
  • Comes with white inner lining, leather straps

Do you know how our vintage rattan basket bag is made?

Committed to sustainable practices and the celebration of local produce, our rattan beach bags are handcrafted using Ata Grass, a type of strong and durable vine that allows for very fine weave. After the rattan basket bags are woven by hand, they are dried under the sun for a few days, and then “smoked” over coconut husks to dry and strengthen the weave. The brown colour of the basket handbag develops naturally in the “smoking” process. As these rattan basket bags are handmade, kindly allow for slight differences in colour, size, shape, finishes and weave which is the beauty as no two basket weave bags are the same.

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Please note that there may be slight variations in the measurements, as each rattan basket bag is measured and crafted by hand.

Have questions? Drop us a message at ashley@ashleysummer.co

Please note that prices are quoted in SGD and we ship worldwide.

Unless we have stock, your item will be backorder. Crafting your rattan basket handbag will take approximately 1.5 – 2 weeks. Here’s why – it includes weaving, drying and smoking the leaves from scratch. 


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