SLOW LIVING | Our philosophy of slow living and love for diverse cultures in Asia brought us to travel across the archipelago to source for quality products and materials to manufacture our own pieces. Lace, silk, rattan, straw and leather take centre stage to our beautifully handcrafted lifestyle products.

EVERYDAY LUXURY | We believe in redefining everyday luxury – luxury not as we know it, but rather a lifestyle of conscious choices, essentially the way it makes you feel. A curated collective of raw luxury that is unpretentious and thoughtful.

EMPOWERING WOMEN | We believe in empowering women around the world to be comfortable in their own skin. To grow in strength and confidence to be the best version of themselves. To pursue and achieve their dreams fearlessly. And above all, the freedom to choose happiness.

SUSTAINABILITY | At the forefront of our work is our support for these precious weaving communities, our goal is to provide sustainable livelihoods for them and to increase the appreciation of their craft across the globe. Traditional skills of artisans are fused together with modern designs to create products that are both beautiful and unique.

CURATE | For products that are not necessarily handcrafted we’ve launched them under a separate line “C U R A T E” – a collection of understated, timeless classics sourced from across our travels that we love just as much.

Take your time, shop around. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.



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